HomeGuard for Windows 10


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HomeGuard is a program that combined with a cheap webcam guarding your home. He is able to detect any suspicious traffic and respond immediately. Recorded images sent exactly where you wish: to your mailbox, FTP server, or just to disk. So you always know what's happening in your home, no matter where you are. The camera can be mounted anywhere: in your child's room, garage, front of the house. If you need more control, you can install multiple cameras and monitor multiple rooms simultaneously. HomeGuard is an advanced monitoring system based on Microsoft DirectShow. It allows you to monitor all facilities and open areas using USB cameras. It can be used wherever the need is constant surveillance, motion detection, and reaction to his appearance. A large number of configuration parameters to customize the program to the individual requirements of each user. The basic criterion for distinguishing HomeGuard program from other programs of this type is the use of advanced DirectX technology, which allows you to seamlessly switch between the various recording devices. This allows HomeGuard can download the image from any device, to analyze its contents for the presence of movement and react accordingly.